2004 Bahamas Cruise

Here are pictures from John, Kate, and the "kids" on their January 2004 Bahamas cruise. We spent two nights visiting family in Chicago, and then continued on to Miami to spend four nights aboard Royal Caribbean's Majesty of the Seas. After leaving Miami, we had only two stops -- Nassau and Key West -- but everybody had a good time and Kate became good friends with the captain. She says, "From now on, I only want to take cruises and stay in a suite!"

At Karen's new house Susie and Lauren Dinner at Ralph and Betty's
Mom and Dad Betty, Ralph, and Mom Betty's homemade desserts
At the boarding facility (cruise day 1) John on our balcony Looking out before undocking
Mike at the bar in our suite "Oh, it's so BIG..." Safety drill
In the living room More of the living roon Another angle
Looking into the bedroom In the bedroom In the bathroom
Out on the deck again Deck and controls for docking Our balcony
Captain and crew undocking Kate on our balcony Gina and Susie
Suite nameplate Kate and experienced barmaid Kate during the undocking
On our way out of port Looking back... Gina and Kate relaxing
Looking towards Miami Beach John and Kate Miami Beach highrises
Mike jumps in (Gina and Charlotte) Kate and Gina Kate, creature, and Gina
Coming into Nassau (Day 2) Susie on the snorkel boat The snorkel boat
Kate and girls on snorkel boat Snorklers A snorkler
Expensive Nassau house Atlantis at Nassau Atlantis condos
Gina and Susie Kate on snorkel boat Going under the bridge
Back to Nassau harbor Atlantis again View from harbor
Mike and Charlotte on formal night Susie and Gina Yet another creature
Susie, creature, and Gina Chart table in the bridge (Day 3) Stabilizer / gyro controls
On the bridge tour Various bridge controls The First Officer explains
Mike listens attentively Kate driving; captain's worried John at the bar
John relaxing Nice wide bed Kate and what else? -- Coffee!
Choppy seas The ship's "Centrum" Shoppers
Children playing with table linens Caught in the act Kate and silly Gina
Charlotte and yet another creature Kate reading Creatures appear every evening
Our cabin's up there (Day 4) Panorama of the ship Panorama of Key West harbor
Leaving Key West More shenanigans The instigators
The last creature Kate loves her creature Girls have learned to ignore theirs
Relaxing on the last night Yes, relaxing Uh, relaxing