Welcome to the Wakerly-Family Trip Page

This page has links to photos and narrative of various Wakerly-family trips.

Mike also maintains a photo gallery that has pictures of some of the same trips as this page, and a lot more, including Gina's wedding.

John, Mom, and Aunt Mary went to Boston for a few days to attend Gina's MBA graduation from Boston University. John's latest crazy trip is a weekend in Beijing with his friend Edwin.

John and Kate and the "kids" went on a cruise, their first ever, in January 2004. John and Kate had their own private getaway to Maui in May 2003. You can also see John and Kate and the "kids" on their January 2003 trip to Barcelona, Grenoble, Geneva, and Zurich.

We also have recent pictures of John and Kate on their September 2002 trip to Oktoberfest and other places in Germany, France, and Netherlands. We also have family pictures from August 2002, including Susie's installation at Cornell. We also traveled to England and Scotland in June 2002 to recover Mike from his six months of study (read: traveling and fooling around) in Edinburgh.

One of John's non-family adventures was a business trip to Taipei in April 2002. John's nuttiest adventure was a 42-hour trip to Taipei with his friend Edwin Hwang in September 2001.

The whole family, including Kevin, had a great time on our Christmas 2001 trip to France, Germany, and Switzerland.

We also have photos and narrative about our June 2001 trip to London and the southwest region of Ireland, as well as photos of John and Kate's April 2001 quick-trip to France and Switzerland. Also see photos and narrative on our June 2000 and June 1999 Europe trips. We got started with this web habit on our June 1997 round-the-world trip.  We also have a special video clip from June 21, 1996, that Gina requested.

Finally, there are a few miscellaneous photos, such as those taken on the last night of business at Cicero’s pizza restaurant in Cupertino on June 30, 2001; a wonderful stay in March 2003 at a friend’s glass house in Big Sur; photos and directions to Kate’s grave in the Chicago area;and John’s visit in September 1999 with his old boss, Mike Fiorino, at Pizza Roma.