Oktoberfest 2002

Well, Oktoberfest is really in September -- they moved it up for the tourists (like us!). This will be a nine-day trip including stops in Paris, Munich, Amsterdam, and a couple of favorite spots on the Rhine. If you need to contact us, please see our hotel info.

We're going to keep the picture-taking pretty simple, Kate tells me, but there should be a few new ones every day.

We left Mountain View Tuesday at midday and arrived in Paris at 11am local time Wednesday.

On Thursday we took a series of trains to Ruedesheim, Germany, on the Rhine.

The next day was so packed that we've split it into two pages -- Friday morning for our Rhine cruise, and the evening at the Hofbrauhaus in Munich.

We spent most of Saturday at the Oktoberfest.

On Sunday we headed out of town on a day trip to Fussen and Neuschwanstein.

We took an overnight train from Munich and arrived in Amsterdam on Monday.

We spent the whole day Tuesday around and in Amsterdam.

On Wednesday morning we left Amsterdam and headed to Boppard, Germany, for our last full day.

Finally, on Thursday we had 20 hours of travel (door to door), heading home to Mountain View.